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Here Are The Top 5 Trucks & Its Fitment Details For Off Road Truck Style Wheels Rims.

Find valued useful information about truck style wheels and tires packages for each truck brand and style below.

The Toyota Tacoma 5 lug, and Toyota Tacoma 6 lugs truck are among one of the trendiest trucks that people look to improve and make it off road style. The 6-lug Tacoma truck brings one the most common bolt pattern in the truck industry (6x139), the only downside is the huge 106mm center bore, but it’s still an easy one to find wheels, rims for it. makes it all easy for you.

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Another great truck our customers love to transform and make it off road style is the great Ram 1500 Pick Up Truck. Until 2018 the Ram trucks were all 5x139 bolt pattern which made a little difficult to find wheels & Rims. Well, the great news is that in 2019 Ram Truck will all be 6x139 and tons of wheel options now will fit. The center bore of the Rams are common 77.8mm and the offset are mid-low. It couldn’t be easier than that.

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This one is the master of the off road style industry. The most famous and desired truck in the world of the off road fanatics. The Chevy Silverado 1500 – We at cannot explain the amounts of calls and request for off road wheels and tires packages for the Chevy Silverado 1500 tucks. This truck is the most desirable among others. With an easy fitment pattern of 6x139 and center bore of 78.1 and offset range of 15mm to 30mm – This truck is the easiest in the market for off road application. Better yet, the fender well fits perfectly the AT tire or MT tire 32” inches.

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Like the Silverado 1500 pickup truck, is the fitment exact copy truck, GMC Sierra. Yes, correct – The GMC Sierra trucks calls for the same fitment application of the Chevy Silverado. In this case, if you are a bigger fan of GMC trucks you will have no problem finding wheels for it. We have a nice selection of wheels for GMC Sierra truck.

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We ar could not leave behind the famous Ford F-150 trucks. This legendary truck is a little bit different but you'll still find rims & wheels for the 6-lug models easily. The bolt pattern of 6x135 and center bore of 87mm is not all that hard to implement, but the 30 to 40mm offset throws it off big time. Back in the days the truck had a nice offset range of 0mm to 25mm, but the bolt pattern was the hardest 5x135 rims, now they fixed the pattern to a 6x135 and increase the offset to 30-40mm. Still, you will find great wheels for Ford F-150 trucks. The only downside is that 32” tires will not fit without a leveling kit.

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